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Hi, I'm Chloe. 
A wedding photographer from Lincoln, now based in Norfolk, UK. 

Chloe gelsthorpe photo & video holding camera up to face
Chloe Gelsthorpe stood on top of mountain with hands outstretched

I've loved photography for as long as I can remember and I’ve always enjoyed capturing special memories and moments for my friends and family.

I made the decision to start my business in June 2020 and I’ve not looked back.

My photographic journey started with A-Level Photography when I was in secondary school, I absolutely loved the course and the creative freedom it gave me compared to my other subjects.

However, I had swift change in my studies when I went to university and chose to study Nursing. I trained for three years at The University of East Anglia and went on to work as an Emergency Department Nurse for a year.

Things changed for me yet again when I decided to go travelling around South East Asia taking my camera with me.

This experience was so amazing that I decided I wanted to try and make photography & videography my career. I said goodbye to nursing and hello to photography.. well.. hello to three part time jobs while trying to get the business off the ground! Which, with a lot of hard work and commitment it did – and here we are!!

My style of photography focuses on a candid and relaxed approach using natural light, creating a pure and real photograph to last forever. I love using my photography to help people have lasting memories that they can cherish forever.


Chloe Gelsthorpe smiling for camera in field

If you think i'd be a good fit for you and your wedding day I'd love to chat some more.

I love being a wedding photographer because it allows me to capture moments of pure joy, love, and emotion. There's something so magical about witnessing two people embark on a journey together and being able to freeze those precious moments in time. The atmosphere is always filled with excitement, anticipation, and happiness, and I thrive on the challenge of capturing those fleeting expressions and heartfelt interactions. 

Each wedding is unique, presenting me with new opportunities to unleash my creativity and create timeless memories for the couples I work with. Being a part of someone's special day and knowing that my photographs will be cherished for years to come is so incredible and rewarding.

Wedding and Family Photographer
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Chloe is a wedding and family photographer based in Norfolk, UK whose style is candid and authentic. She specialised in telling the story of your wedding in a timeless, natural and emotive way so you can look back and cherish the memories or your wedding day forever. 

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